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Mistral Milling Machine 50L

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Mistral 50L Electric cereal or grain grinding mill  has been designed to grind any type of dry grain including wheat- barley- rye- oats- corn- millet- pepper- etc.) or any other non-oily- dry product. Suitable for smallholders- hobbyists and home use it produces ground cereals for bird and animal use.

Create your own recipe and blend  to suit your flock. The large plastic bin has a  capacity of approx 50L. It has been designed so that dust is not emitted into the environment.

The compact MISTRAL is supplied with 4 sieves enabling the production of a variety of sizes including  flours and chopped pieces. Easy to strip down for cleaning the  MISTRAL also features a safety micro switch- preventing the blades from working when the sieve is not being used.

The Mistral's supplied sieves are manufactured in pressed galvanised steel sized 2 -4 - 6 - 8 mm operating at approx 100-200Kg/h

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