Manual Incubator with Electronic Thermostat (60 hen egg)

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The new manual incubator has a simple- easy to use design- making it perfect for people who are new to incubation. Simply connect the plug to the digital display unit- turn on the power and set the temperature using the simple push-button display. The thermostat will quickly reach the required heat and the incubator will be ready to work. With an internal capacity of sixty hen eggs- the manual incubator has plenty of space for even relatively large broods- and although the eggs will require turning by hand at least once a day- many incubator operators enjoy this simple engagement with the process. The heat element is enclosed beneath a small fan which stirs the air and keeps the internal temperature of the incubator nice and even. One small hole in the roof of the incubator allows a thermometer to be inserted- and another lets you top up the water reservoir so that the humidity can be maintained without having to open the incubator.

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