Magnum Trap 116 Body Grip (mink rabbits & squirrels)

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This highly effective bodygrip trap is designed and manufactured in America. Larger than the Magnum 110- this trap is suitable for bigger vermin species- including grey squirrels- mink and rabbits. They are no longer legal in the UK for trapping STOATS                        By law- you are required to place this trap in a tunnel so as to reduce the possibility of catching non-target species. It is possible to bait these traps- and a suitable kind of bait should be used to entice squirrels in- such as peanut butter- peanuts or bread crumbs. We have published a product guide on Magnum traps which provides some hints and tips to help you get the best out of your magnum 116. Always remember that these are extremely powerful traps- and that unless you handle them with care- you risk injury when you set or adjust them. Dimensions: weight: 430g width: 14cm length of spring: 17cm

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