Large Pan Feeder (27cm Wide)

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These versatile pan feeders have been designed and built from long lasting high-impact plastic in great britain. When properly attached to a feeder or hopper- the feed flows down the central funnel and into the trough. To install this pan feeder- simply drill a hole between 55 - 80mm and position it where it is needed. Screw the funnel to your hopper- then fit the large pan to the funnel using additional screws which are also provided. There is a run-off drain for water around the bottom of the rim of the pan to allow rain to run away without spoiling the feed. The pans can be used to feed wheat- barley- mixed seed- holding mix or pellets to pheasants- partridges- chickens- ducks- turkeys- quail- geese and bantams. Dimensions: 270mm wide x 120mm high pan lip: 37mm empty weight: 700g

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