King Feeder (25kg)

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This quality UK item is made from durable plastic and can hold 25kg of food - a full sack. The tube is adjustable to restrict the feed supply to the trough- and the feeder simply allows new food to trickle down into the troughs as and when it needs to be replaced. The trough is quite narrow to allow chicks- as well as adults- to feed and this clever design prevents birds from scratching the feed out of the feeder with their feet. Every indoor KING feeder comes with a lid- but we recommend that you consider buying a rain cover if you intend to use it outdoors. Discounts are available on this item- so call or get in touch for more details. Trough circumference: 144cm height: 48cm width: 46cm trough depth: 70mm- trough width: 50mm empty weight: 2kg

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