Isotester 6 Light Electric Fence Tester

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The Isotester 6 is a simple electric fence tester designed to indicate voltages as they pass around any electric fence. Perfect for smallholders and gamekeepers- the isotester gives accurate readings to show if your electric fence is operating at full efficiency. To use the isotester- push the copper earthing stake into the soil and rest the fence terminal against the electric fence's energiser output. As the electricity pulses through the output- lights on the isotester will flash according to the strength of the voltage. A simple six light scale displays voltages between 1000v and 10-000v- and this will show what the original power of the fence is. Then choose a number of different spots along the length of the electric fence and carry out identical tests so that the results can be compared with the first voltage reading. If you find that the scale displays diminishing voltages as you progress around the length of the electric fence- you are losing power and your fence is not operating at full efficiency. Loss of electricity is not only costly- but in extreme cases- it can make the fence relatively useless. In the majority of cases- electric fences lose power when they have not been properly insulated- or when grass and vegetation have been allowed to grow up through them. To fix the problem- switch off the energiser and clear away all organic debris which might be touching the wires. Once you have double checked your insulation fittings and have tested the circuit again- you should find that your readings around the fence's length have equalised. The isotester 6 is manufactured in germany and it comes with a two year guarantee.

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