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Hydrocare is an extremely effective water cleaning solution which was designed to be used when setting up drinker systems either before they are used or after a treatment of vitamins or medication. Hydrocare removes organic contamination and manganese deposits from entire watering systems- from the point of injection to the end of the line- including tanks- pipes and drinkers. It is also an effective way of eliminating salmonella and campylobacter in water- improves the feed conversion rate- firms up droppings and sanitises and removes bio-film. The cleaning solution is totally biodegradable and is made up of hydrogen peroxide and a silver salt- with additional stabilisation agents. When mixed correctly- the solution has no influence on the odour and flavour of the water- and it is totally safe for humans- birds and drinker system materials. Intra hydrocare is extremely simple to use - just mix it into your water header tank at a concentration no greater than 25ml to 100 litres.  NB: PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE FOR EXPORT

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