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Intra hydracare Water sanitizer 10 ltr

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Intra Hydrocare water sanitizer is an effective water cleaning solution. Designed for use when setting up drinker systems. Use  before the system is in operation, or after treatment with vitamins or medication. Intra Hydrocare removes organic contamination and manganese deposits from entire watering systems. Cleans tanks, pipes and drinkers.

Effective in eliminating salmonella and campylobacter in water, and removing bio-film. Totally biodegradable and is made up of hydrogen peroxide and a silver salt with additional stabilization agents. When mixed correctly, the solution has no influence on the odour and flavour of the water, it is totally safe for humans, birds and drinker system materials.

Intra hydrocare is extremely simple to use – just mix it into your water header tank at a concentration no greater than 25ml to 100 litres.


10 Litre

New Regulation came into force from 1st October 2023 regarding Intra Hydracare. We are unable to sell this product to members of the general public. We now require professional users, eg gamekeepers, game and poultry farmers, to contact us with their ID and to sign a declaration form stating intended use. 

Anyone purchasing the product through our web site will need to provide ID and a signed professional use declaration or, a copy of the EEP license. If you are unable to do so, we will be unable to fulfil the order and will refund in full.

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