Insect-O-Kill Liquid Finger Pump Spray (200ml)

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Despite its name- this Insect-O-Kill™liquid is a strong mite repellent which can be applied directly onto the bird- provided that you makesure that you coverits eyes and nostrils. The liquidcomes in a handy 200ml bottle with a finger pump sprayer on top. As a repellent- this item is best used in conjunction with a 'kill' product such as our dytomite powder- a solution of mite-ex liquid- orshortly beforefumigating houses and coops with a maxifumer. Using this repellent to shift mites off the birds and back into their little hiding places is a great way to prepare for using a 'kill' product- meaning that they are all "at home" when lethal steps are taken. If sprayed onto the birds themselves- or when applied to adjacentsurfaces- this liquid can be used to prevent mites- fleas- lice etc. The small bottle bears the name Insect-O-Kill ™because itis made in germany and the manufacturer has used the same brand name for a number of products- someof which kill- some of which repel. This product repels. For more information on avian parasites- why not have a look atour product guideon red mite control?

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