Horizontal Ballcock (10mm brass fitting)

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These simple horizontal ballcocks are perfect for diy or homemade bucket and nipple drinkers. Compatible with 10mm rubber tubing- the ballcocks are easy to install- and the brass nozzles are secure and long lasting. For extra secure joints- why not add a spring clip which will prevent all possibility of leaks and drips. Remember that for homemade bucket and nipple drinkers- a low water level is ideal. It's a good idea to allow just a couple of inches of water to stand in the bucket so that the ballcock will top it up as needed. Too much water in the bucket is liable to go stale- and in the case of indoor heated sheds- warm water can be a problem for bacteria. The brass fitting can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance- and it is a simple job to screw it in and out of its plastic socket. Dimensions: length: 16cm width: (at widest) 2.5cm weight: 35g LOW PRESSURE WATER SUPPLY ONLY- NOT MAINS WATER SUPPLY

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