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Hog Ring Pliers for C Clip Hog Rings

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A new and less expensive pair of hog ring pliers for c clip hog rings. These pliers work on the same principle as the cl22 pliers- but they are not inter changeable. These pliers can be used for either securing weldmesh together (making cage traps- cages etc) or for fixing chicken wire to make pheasant/chicken pens. The pliers use strips of C clip hog rings. The strip is inserted in a magazine which sits between the handles. When used- the magazine loads the hog rings to the head one after the other. Because the hog ring magazine is between the handles- the pliers can be used by right handed or left handed people. Due to changing suppliers (Jan 2012)- This item may vary from the images. Dimensions: 185mm long x 95mm (widest point/handles open) weight: 400g

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