High Intensity LED Egg Candler

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When incubating eggs- it is important to be able to tell which are fertile and which contain dead or inactive embryos. it is also important to check the volume of the air cell at the top of the egg- which is an indicator of whether or not the incubator humidity is correct. Obviously- this has to be done without damaging the shell in any way- and the traditional method of checking was to hold the egg up to a candle. Held against a bright light- it is just possible to make out some details of what is inside the egg- and this process of scanning unhatched chicks became known as "candling". Over the years- numerous gadgets have been invented to improve the "candling" process- and we believe that this little torch is about as good as it gets. The high intensity beam is focussed to provide an extremely concentrated light with virtually no heat- eliminating any possible risk of thermal stress to the embryo. Egg candling torches are also useful for double checking dark shelled eggs for cracks and damage before they begin the incubation process- helping you to get the best out of every hatch. Cracks which might otherwise be invisible show up as tiny bright marks on the surface of the eggshell when candled. This led egg candler makes checking eggs for potential problems fast- safe and extremely easy. We have recently published a guide to candling at 4 days- and a video which shows this candling torch in action. We hope that these will help you get started on scanning your eggs early on in the incubation process. [[[youtube video_id=LsVfg0CJWhc hd=1 autoplay=0 showinfo=0 rel=0 allow_fullscreen=1 enhanced_privacy=0 modest_branding=0 width=640 height=480 align=]]]

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