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Electric fences provide an effective barrier to contain livestock and deter vermin- but when they reach a gateway- problems can arise. While the perimeter of the fence may be impenetrable- gates are often a weak link in your defences because it is tricky to fortify them while keeping them easily accessible. Gate handle insulators are part of an effective solution to this problem- providing the user with a reliable and easy way of hooking and unhooking a flexible wire coil or electric tape across a gateway. Along with a high tension gate handle- gate handle insulators make up a simple system to ensure that gateways can be as strong as they need to be while still being easy to access. Wide loops make attaching the gate handle hook extremely simple- and they are compatible with a variety of wires- tapes and polywires. These gate handle insulators are made from strong- efficient materials- and their galvanised threaded spikes mean that they can be set up without any tools. Solway Feeders supplies gate handle insulators in packs of five.

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