Galvanised Metal Treadle Feeder – 10kg

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This clever feeder is designed to prevent vermin from accessing feed intended for chickens or ducks. The mechanism is operated when a bird stands on the treadle- opening the hatch and allowing feed to trickle into the pan. This prevents surplus food from lying around and attracting vermin in the first place- and the treadle is balanced so that it is only operated by a weight of more than five hundred grammes- so even if a rat stands on the plate- it will not be heavy enough to activate it. This minimum activation weight also prevents feral pigeons and some smaller grey squirrels from feeding. Made from galvanised steel- this long lasting feeder can hold up to 10kg of feed and is easily filled by removing the simple lid. The item is not fully weatherproof- but it does work well in sheltered or semi-outdoor conditions. We also supply a treadle feeder with a 20kg holding capacity. Dimensions: 44cm h x 32m w x 31cm d

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