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Fox Snares per 10

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Each of these steel snares is made up of two lengths of wire- fitted with stops and swivels and a free running lock which complies with all laws relating to snaring in Britain. This product is only available in packs of ten. We have provided a basic introduction to fox snaring- but you must be aware that the law varies between the different countries in Great Britain- and you are responsible for learning and acting upon the legal details which relate to your situation.

If you are using these snares in Scotland you are required by law to obtain an authorisation number from your local police wildlife department and identify each and every snare by a tag containing the authorisation number. Please refer to the snaring Scotland act documents- latest edition 4 published December 2012. These snares are made in China. Tealers are not included. Dimensions when set: 1.03m long with a loop 290mm wide x 185mm high wire thickness: 2mm

Important changes to legislation in Wales.  Please note that in Wales, from 17 October 2023, the use of all forms of snares (also known as cable restraints ) became illegal and cannot be used there. 


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