Ferreting Purse Nets (pack of ten)

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This pack of ten nylon purse nets is ideal for any ferreting expedition. Simply attach the white polystring part of the the net to a sharpened wooden peg and drive the peg into the ground against the direction that the rabbit will bolt. Remember to tuck a little bit of the opposite end of the net into the rabbit hole- then spread the rest in a fan to cover the hole. As the rabbit bolts- he will stand on the net and pull it over himself. The white polystring will slide through the green mesh and he will be bagged. These nets do not rot or biodegrade- so they are extremely handy and convenient when compared to traditional hemp nets which needed to be thoroughly dried after every use. the mesh is also just large enough to allow ferrets to get in and out without tangling them or pulling them away from the hole. Each net is one metre long- perfect for use on a wide variety of rabbit holes and warrens.

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