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Feldy Chicken Pecker Block – Feldy Chicken Pecker Block 6Kg


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High quality high energy- boredom buster. The Feldy chicken pecker block is available in two sizes- 6Kg tub and 1Kg tray. Manufactured from high quailty ingredients from UFAS and Red Tractor Assured suppliers. The blocks have been developed to supplement the birds diet to help improve condition- feathering and egg production- they also include added calcium- herbs and spices- to act as an attractant to the block. The quality buckets have a rim on the base making it easy to remove the centre so that birds can access the block when hung. The trays are designed to be placed in any suitable spot for the birds to access them.

Feeding Instructions


The method below provides protection from the weather and vermin. If desired the product can also be removed from the bucket and used in another feeder.

  • Use the bucket as a feed dispenser.
  • Do not remove the lid.
  • Cut round the inner ridge of the plastic base to expose the feed.
  • Leave feed exposed on ground for a short time for birds to become familiar.
  • Hang by the handle just off the ground to allow the birds to peck from below.

Recommended height from the ground:Pheasant 15-22 inches (35-55cm)Partridge 10-15 inches (30-35cm)

Turn bucket upside down and cut a cirle out of the base with a sharp knife.

Turn bucket right way round and hang from your desired fixing or branch.

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Weight 6 kg