Emperor Feeder with Wooden Legs & Pan Feeder (55Kg)

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The Emperor Feeder makes an excellent chicken or pheasant feeder- as the barrel can hold two 25kg bags of wheat or pellets. It is handy for feeding a variety of larger bird species- and can also be lowered to feed partridges by sawing off a few inches from the long wooden legs. The hopper itself is made from UV proof tough black plastic and has a special rainwater collecting feature. All you need is a length of hosepipe and you can make a simple drinker as well. This is an excellent innovation- and is very useful if the feeder is situated in a wood were there is no natural water supply. The emperor hopper's beehive shape is specially designed so that all the feed flows to the feeder attachment- and the moulded carry handles make moving it around extremely easy and simple. This popular and inventive feeder comes complete with wooden legs and a pan feeder - 15cm wide.  Dimensions: hopper: 630mm x 520mm lid opening: 250mm wide capacity: 55kg of wheat or pellets. Click on the link for more details and instructions

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