Egg Tech Super 49 Digital Automatic Incubator

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This Italian made automatic incubator offers a combination of outstanding reliability and advanced technology- making it one of the best fully automatic small incubators on the market. With a holding capacity of 49 medium/large eggs (hen pheasant or duck) or up to 196 quail or grey partridge eggs. The Egg Tech has cleverly designed cradles which do not require changing between species- the concave cradles are made up of four conjoined sockets which can either hold one standard egg or four quail eggs. The cradles are even able to take turkey eggs- as well as a huge variety of other smaller bird species. The Egg Tech is controlled by a simple digital display which allows you to set the temperature from 32c to 40c with 0.1c steps by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons. The turning cradles are operated by a seperate motor which can be switched off whithout impeding the incubation process- and the motor will turn the eggs very slowly at a rate of one turn every two hours. The incubator comes complete with a plastic mesh floor which is perfect for hatching out- and the roof has two inspection holes so that the eggs remain undisturbed during inspection. there are also external reservoir sinks so that the humidity can be controlled without opening the incubator and disturbing internal conditions. The Egg Tech is supplied with standard UK 13amp plug fitted with a 3amp fuse. We can now also supply the smaller covina super 24 incubator. UK Spec 230 VAC 50/60 Hz  Max power 170 watts

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