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Double Entry Fox trap

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By popular request- we can now supply double entry fox traps made along the same design outline as our traditional side entry trap. Designed for strength and durability- the double entry fox trap has a swinging door at either end- each triggered by a treadle plate on the floor in the middle of the cage. The doors are locked tight by a falling slam bar which makes it very difficult for caught animals to escape again. Double entry doors are suitable for use in a variety of different circumstances- and many customers believe that being able to see straight through the trap gives foxes the confidence they need to enter it. The trap requires bait- and full instructions for use are included. The instructions are also published on this site- and they can be found by clicking here. Please allow 7/10 working days for delivery as this item is very bulky/heavy The cage will be delivered fully assembled- and while there are handles at either end for moving the trap- it is advisable that two people should lift this item. dimensions: 185cm l x 47cm w x 52cm h cage: 50mm square holes- 3mm wire. 8mm thick steel rods join the top- bottom and side panels together. Weight: 35kg

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