Dog Whistle 210.5 High Pitch

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This simple product is one of the most popular dog whistles for working gun dogs. Usually recommended for labrador and spaniel breeds- the whistle is easy to use and produces a solid- far reaching tone at a high frequency. It is audibly higher than the 211.5dog whistle- and the difference between the two allows you to control dogs separately. lightweight and waterproof- this whistle is an easy way to control working dogs in any weather. We now supply 210.5 high pitch whistles in yellow- purple- light blue and fluorescent orange as well as the traditional black- making these whistles harder to lose than ever before. Please specify your chosen whistle colour when you place your order. Although not included- lanyards are available for this product. We now stock plaited leather and twisted lanyards which securely hold the whistle within easy reach. Dimensions: weight: 6g length: 78mm

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