Cylindrical Crayfish Trap

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A LICENSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW THROUGHOUT THE UK TO CATCH CRAYFISH- CONTACT EA- SNH OR SEPA FOR FULL DETAILS. It is easy to catch crayfish and they are delicious to eat. This trap is a popular design- with entry holes at each end and simple bait box which is provided. Catching the crayfish is easy and they will take many types of bait- however always check your traps at least twice a day. Chopped oily fish or cat food make good baits. If catching crayfish in the uk make sure that you are aware that some local governments require permission before you can use a trap. Please ensure you are aware of the regulations both national and local before removing crayfish from the water. The movement of the introduced american signal crayfish is strictly controled by law. This trap has a diamond mesh of approx 20 x 30mm. Entrance is 50mm diameter and width is 21cm. It is usually approved for EA CR1 applicants. Dimensions: 500mm x 210mm weight: 540g For more information on catching crayfish please click on this link: Catching Crayfish

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