Covatutto 162 Digital Incubator

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The Covatutto 162 digital egg incubator is manufactured from tough, durable, non toxic plastic and has good thermal insulation. It is part of the new Novital Incubator range. The door acts as a viewing window , you can see what's happening at anytime without opening, It has an interior light and is equipped with a digital thermometer.

The Covatutto 162 digital egg incubator has two heating elements, top and bottom, with two fans. The fans facilitate a more uniform temperature, humidity and air flow.
The digital display offers key settings for monitoring the incubator at anytime. Functions informing you when to turn the eggs, fill the water trays etc,  are available at the touch of a button.
The three trays have spacers for different sizes of eggs, a separate spacer is required for quail eggs, (not supplied).
The eggs are turned by 3 manual device rods on the side of the incubator. The Incubator can be converted to fully automatic with the addition of a turning motor for each tray. See  SKU C0029
Approx Egg capacity as follows:
420 Quail, 252 Partridge, 144 Hen, 180 Guinea Fowl, 180 Pheasant, 96 Turkey, 120 Duck, 45 Goose.

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Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 67 cm

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