Cluson Gun Kit No 2 with Battery Pack

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The no.2 gun kit is a complete package. Everything you will need to go lamping for rabbits or foxes is included with this quality kit- and with a variety of spares and supplementary items available- this product is the ultimate package for the first time lamper. The kit includes an la2 head unit ( 1 million c/p lamping torch and a 10 watt walking torch ) with a cigarette plug and a small 12v 7a/h battery. The battery includes a fused cigarette plug output for easy connection to the head unit- and a portable canvas shoulder bag. A mains charger with cigarette plug attachment is also included- as well as a car charger lead. The head unit can be mounted on your rifle scope or shone using a simple detachable handle. Before ordering- let us know the specifications of your telescopic sight so that we can send the right 25mm or 30mm gun mounting kit. The lamp has an inline on/off switch- which is fitted with a velcro pad so that it can be conveniently attached to your rifle's forestock. This helpful feature allows you to turn the lamp on with your finger when you are in a position to shoot. the head unit is sealed and waterproof- and the output is 1-000-000 c/p. A simple switch at the rear of the lamp housing allows you to flick between "full beam"- "off" and "walking torch". A range of coloured filters is available. This lamp comes with a year's guarantee- and we also supply various spare parts- including cigarette coil cables and cigarette plugs. Not sure which lamp to buy? Why not view our comparison chart. Dimensions: lamp: lens diameter: 10cm- cable length: 50cm- weight: 410g battery: length: 15cm- depth: 6.5cm- width: 9.5cm- weight: 2.3kg

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