Cluson Dimmer Switch (Cigarette Plug to Cigarette Socket)

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Have complete control over the brightness of your lamp with this universal dimming switch. These switches can be used on most makes of 12v lamps- even up to 100w! This handy electrical component allows you to adjust light levels from dim to bright in a second- making it ideal for calling in your target when lamping at night. Many foxes which have become lamp shy will hang around for a few seconds longer if the light is dimmed- and this simple piece of kit will help you catch up with even the wiliest of predators. The unit is supplied complete with velcro so that it can be attached to the side of your gun if required. It can be easily fitted to most makes of lamps and power packs- and is very handy for the cluson gun kit no 2 or any make of lamp with cigarette plug attachments- including lightforce lamps. Dimensions: weight: 99g length: 145cm

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