Cluson Amber Filter & Housing – for Lazerlite and Clubman lamps


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If you miss a fox with the rifle when you are out lamping- you will certainly find that the next time you meet that animal- it will not give you a chance to fire again. Lamp shy foxes are some of the most cunning and intelligent animals in the country- and they quickly develop an understandable phobia of standard white lamping torch beams. By using a filter on your lamping torch- you not only reduce the intensity of the beam- but you use light frequencies which even the most lamp shy fox will find unfamiliar. In many cases- all you need is for the fox to stand still for just a few seconds- and filters can often give you that crucial edge. Filters are specific to makes and models of lamping torch- so check what lamp you have before ordering. Different colour filters are available for different situations. Our help guide on filter compatibility describes the main features of each filter colour. This housing replaces the existing housing on the clubman or lazerlite la1 or la2 lamp. To fit this filter- just unscrew the four screws on the face of the lamp and replace the housing with the new item. The filter can be swiveled out of the way whilst in use- revealing the original white light whenever it is needed. Once you have this fitting- it is cheap and easy to change filter colours. We supply additional filter discs in red- green and blue- which are all compatible with this housing.

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