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Cat / Rabbit Cage Trap

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This single catch trap is designed for use against rabbits and feral cats- although if you use this trap to catch cats before you use it to catch rabbits- you will not have a great deal of luck- since cats smell strongly and the scent is terrifying to rabbits. For rabbits- the trap should be baited with carrot tops and placed in an area where rabbits are known to feed. The carrot tops should be placed behind or below the treadle plate so that the rabbit is forced to stand on the plate and trigger the trap as it reaches for the food. The trap is available as a flat pack item and it comes with a carry handle and a rear door for humanely releasing the rabbit. This trap may differ from the product featured- but will be of equal quality. Dimensions: 645mm long x 240mm wide x 270mm high weight: 3.46kg

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