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These are the original hard plastic material rodari type drinkers. This cage drinker is made from black plastic- and the two part construction operates the water supply simply and efficiently. The 6cm wide trough is narrow enough to prevent birds from spoiling the water- and it balances on a simple mechanism which fills with water whenever it is emptied.

An adjustable counter balance allows minute control of the available water supply. Connected in a series- these drinkers work on a very low pressure (max head 300mm) water source- you may require the additional fixture of spring clips at each join. At the end of a series of drinkers- an end stop is needed to seal the line.

Two metal fixing clamps are easy to screw into position around cage meshes- making this automatic drinker extremely easy to install and set up. Once a hole has been cut in the mesh- the drinker can be simply slipped through and fastened in place. These drinkers are designed for use with 10mm water tubing- and we also supply rubber seals for the valve mechanism.

Dimensions: weight: 213g trough width: 6cm height: 11cm

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