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Cage Drinker with 6cm Stainless Steel Trough

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This great quality automatic drinker fits onto 1" x 1"- 1" x 2" or 1" x 3" weldmesh- with thickness from 1mm to 3mm. The system runs on 10mm water tubing and is easy to set up and install. an internal low water pressure float mechanism to control the water flow to the 6cm x 3cm deep stainless steel bowl.

The top cover is removable for cleaning- and their is also a simple drainplug at the base. The photograph ( right ) features the drinker set up on 1"x2" (2mm) weldmesh with tubing spring clips and a 10mm t-piece. It is important to be aware that this drinker cannot withstand cold temperatures- and will burst if used outdoors during icy conditions.

When cold weather is forecast- it is a good idea to empty this drinker and put it out of action so that it contains no water. Dimensions: 112mm wide x 125mm high x 110mm deep

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