Button Digital Hygro Thermometer

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This small and convenient digital hygrometer and thermometer can provide reliable and accurate readings on both temperature and humidity in your incubator. Thanks to its size and shape- it can sit amongst the eggs inside an incubator- and provided that your incubator has a clear window or lid - it is easy to keep track of the conditions inside by reading the large lcd display screen without having to open it. This unit can also be mounted through the wall or window of an incubator- positioned so that the screen is outside and the sensor inside- although we would recommend that you speak to us before you try and use it this way. The unit runs on a 3 volt battery ( supplied ) and comes with a 1 year guarantee. Fits most incubator brands.Screen resolution: 1%rh and 0.1 degree.  Accuracy: +/- 3% rh +/- 1 degrees centigrade.  Range:  20-99% rh- 0 to 50 degrees centigrade. Dimensions: 50mm x 40mm the " button " is a great little hygro-thermometer- but more advanced or professional customers may be looking for a unit with even higher specifications. In this case- we recommend the deluxe digital hygro-thermometer.

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