Bromag Whole Wheat Place Packs 2.5kg

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Bromag whole wheat place packs are supplied in packs of twenty five 100 gram sachets of ready to use whole wheat bait rodenticide. The poison contains 50 ppm of the anticoagulant bromadiolone- a second generation anticoagulant which will be effective even on rats and mice which have developed a resistance to older poisons containing warfarin. Bromag also contains a human taste deterrent and has mould inhibition properties- keeping it fresher for longer. Bromag is manufactured using high grade micronised whole wheat- making it highly palatable to rats and mice. Bromag is suitable for use indoors or out- but we recommend that you take great care when using this product to make sure that you take great care to prevent it from coming into contact with non-target species. Each product contains 25 x 100g sachets.

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