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The Bradley Smoker is a unique smoke house- sold complete with its accompanying smoke generator- in which flavour bisquettes are burned for 20 minutes each so that the temperature does not fluctuate. This eliminates high temperature gases- acids and resins that can distort the flavour of smoked food. The Bradley Smoker makes clean tasting food without any aftertaste. automatically producing clean- cool smoke for up to 9 hours safely and without intervention. Bradley Smokers are capable of both hot and cold smoking: In fact- they do a remarkably fine job of cold smoking due to the sustained and controllable way in which the smoke is generated. For cold smoking use of the Cold Smoke Adaptor is recommended. ( Contact the sales office for details) The bisquette consumables are burned on top of an electric element. For hot smoking- the heat for cooking is generated by the independently controlled electrical element. This is a separate element from the bisquette burner. On this model- the temperature in the cabinet is controlled using the easy to set dial control on the front of the smoke generator box. Four cooking racks are supplied with the smoker- additional racks and other accessories are available. The new model Original Bradley Smoker (BS611EU) launched in 2013- replaced the original ‘Original’ Bradley Smoker and comes with many new features:

  • New Stainless Steel Interior.
  • New Rack supports keep racks from tipping over when pulled out.
  • Heat control moved to Smoke Generator- eliminating the chance of moisture damage to the switch.
  • Improved Front Face Plate.
  • Improved Electronic components.
  • Extra-large front feet for added support and stability.
  • Generator has removable side panel for ease of cleaning and preventative maintenance.

Perfect for entertaining- creating gourmet foods in your own home- or just enjoying the flavour that smoking brings. The simplicity and ease of use of the Original Bradley Smoker make it a great choice for all types of user. While Bradley Smokers are intended for domestic use- they are also widely used in light commercial environments. Dimensions: Exterior (mm): 430W x 370D x 800H – 610W with Generator on sideInterior Dimensions (mm): 380W x 290D x 650H Smoking Area / Capacity: 495mm useable smoking height above drip tray 37500 cu cmCooking Surface: 1452 sq cm

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