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Bottle Holder Drinker

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This affordable bottle holder drinker consists of a simple trough and a bottle clip. When properly set up- any 1.5 litre size bottle can be held roughly at the right angle to trickle water into the trough. These drinkers can be used to provide water for chickens- ducks- rabbits or ferrets- but when using this bottle holder drinker in cages or larsen traps- the wire will need to be cut so that the holder can be clamped onto the mesh. Simply fit the drinker parts to a wire cage- and then get an empty soft drinks bottle or glass wine bottle and fill it with water. With the lid still on- slip the full bottle through the top hoop and place the bottle top into the dish. As soon as you remove the bottle top- the drinker should start to work. Discounts are available for this item- so please call or email us for more details.

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