Bio Foam E Prewash Disinfectant 5 Litres

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Biofoam e is a blend of high-foaming surfactants- foam stabilisers and alkaline builders. Heavy duty prewash in an economical- foaming formula reduces wash water requirement effectively removes stubborn soiling new improved longer lasting foam biofoam e is a high-foaming pre-wash detergent. Its high foaming properties facilitate a thorough cleaning- even with heavy soiling. Used as a pre-wash foam- the heavy duty formulation is designed to tackle the most stubborn levels of soiling in all livestock housing- equipment- vehicles and holding areas. Recommended dilution rate: cleaning a house size of 10-000 ft2 / 1000 m2- dilute 3-6 litres depending on level of soiling in 600 litres of clean water. Apply via a pressure washer with a foam in glance.

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