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This unique and newly improved automatic drinker can be fitted directly to a water container and provides birds and other pets with a constant supply of water. As water is taken from the trough- the simple refill system allows more to trickle into the bowl..  Made from durable moulded plastic- this cup drinker can be used for everything from chicks to adult birds- cats- small dogs and ferrets. Manufactured in Great Britain- these maxi cup drinkers are a vastly improved redesign of our old mini cup drinkers. They work well in most weathers- but are not frost proof.                                       Approx bowl size 150mm x 100mm x 40mm deep. Bucket is not supplied The Maxicup is a self-filling- multi use drinker with a cup capacity of 0.5 litres. It can be fitted to water containers with a water depth of up to 180cm (72”). It is easy to fit- maintain and use.Ideal for outside or indoor use- the Maxicup is hardwearing and suitable for mostpets- game and wild birds. Fitting: Simply drill the water container with a 12mm (1/2”) drill at a suitable height for your birds or pets.Fit the Maxicup by removing the nut & filter- place the Maxicup spigot through the hole leaving the washer on the outside and tighten down the nut until it forms a seal with the wall of the tank – then fit the filter behind the nut. Fill with water- check angle and retighten if necessary. Maintenance: The Maxicup is simple to maintain- simple undo the two screws securing the cup to the filter cover- separate the two halves and then clean the float and interior of the housing then reassemble.

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