Battery 25m Poultry Netting Kit (with energiser)

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This battery powered twenty five metre electric netting kit contains everything you will need to set up an electric enclosure with dimensions of roughly twenty feet by thirty feet; more than enough room for a small flock of hens. The fact that this kit makes use of battery power means that it is very versatile- and it is suitable for use in any location. The simple design of the new equistop 8 energiser makes it easy to set up- and the tread-in cradle grounds the unit efficiently while holding it securely in place. This energiser is a great source of power for electric fences- and it runs on four "d cell" batteries- which are not supplied. The generous dimensions of the twenty five metre poultry netting kit will create a strong barrier against marauding vermin- even more so since it is bolstered by additional guy ropes and pegs to firmly secure corners. It is easy to access the enclosure once it has been set up thanks to the inclusion of a net gate that is more than a metre wide- and as an extra bonus- Solway Feeders also supplies an audible warning electric fence tester with the kit to let you know when your net is working properly. [[[youtube video_id=V-yeW-DJhwg hd=1 autoplay=0 showinfo=0 rel=0 allow_fullscreen=1 enhanced_privacy=0 modest_branding=0 width=640 height=480 align=]]]

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