Auto Drinking Trough Kit

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This 50cm automatic trough drinking kit makes a handy set-up for providing water to hens and all poultry. The trough is made from durable plastics and can easily be taken to pieces and cleaned using basic clips.

The red colour shows dirt very clearly- and the internal low pressure ballcock simply fills the trough whenever it is emptied. A stable base will prevent birds from toppling the drinker once it is full- and the ridge top will stop them from fouling into any of the eight water holes.

Lightweight and robust- this drinker can be used indoors and outdoors- and it provides a great way of watering a small group of hens. The kit is supplied with five metres of 10mm water tubing and an 8 litre header tank which is predrilled and fitted with a 10 mm outlet.

We also supply two spring clips to ensure a firm connection between the pipes and fittings. Dimensions: length 510mm x width 120mm x height 120mm

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