Audible Warning Electric Fence Tester

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Electric fence testers are used to tell if a length of electric wire is carrying a charge and whether or not it will give you a shock if you touch it. The audible electric fence tester is so small and lightweight that it can be carried at all times- and the keyring attachment makes it fantastically portable. To use this fence tester- simply hold it near to an electric fence and it will make a noise if the wire is live. There is no need to earth the tester- and it will give an accurate reading without having to come into contact with the fence. The simple- easy operation has made the audible electric fence tester an indespensible accessory for farmers- gamekeepers and ramblers across the country- and its small size and value for money mean that it makes a great gift for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors. This item requires batteries- which are supplied. Dimensions: 70mm x 35mm x 12mm wide weight: 21g. To view all of our electric fence testers- please click on this link.

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