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We have been working to produce our latest range aniseed based game bird holding products. Working with our specialist raw material supplier we have a new aniseed oil concentrate refined in a slightly different manner to produce a more subtle- less harsh- aroma. This we believe is more attractive and will hold more birds to the required feeding areas. You will notice that the colour of the liquid is slightly darker & more viscous. It still has a strong but more subtle aroma and sweeter flavour. This 5 litre container of liquid aniseed solution has been bulked out with a rich and long lasting carrier oil. The mix contains crushed aniseeds- oregano- fenugreek- nutmeg and ginger- all of which can be seen in the oily suspension. Pheasants will love the smell of the aniseed- and not only will it keep your birds on your patch- but it will also encourage roaming birds from elsewhere to stay.    We also supply this mix in a one litre bottle  2174



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