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These genuine ABCP UK made fox snares offer the best quality on the market. sold singly- these simple snares are robust- strong and made from the highest quality materials.  These snares meet the legal requirements for snaring foxes.  You must be aware that the law varies between the different home countries in the UK and you are responsible for learning and acting upon the legal details which relate to your situation. If you are using these snares in Scotland you are required by law to obtain an authorisation number from your local police wildlife department and identify each and every snare by a tag containing the authorisation number. Please refer to the snaring Scotland act documents. For best results- hang your snares out to weather them before use and handle them as little as possible to limit contamination with human odour. Tealers are not supplied with these snares. weight: 38g length of snare wire: 70cm (approx.) length of tie: 75cm (approx.). Please note the snares are no longer supplied with the slider for fixing.

We strongly recommend that you view the advice from BASC  

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