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These plastic 8.5 litre fount drinkers have a number of helpful and cleverly designed features to make them versatile enough to be suitable for everything from adult hens to chicks. The angled white dome is made from semi transparent materials- allowing you to keep an eye on water levels while maintaining a good level of hygiene- and the green base has a removable plug.

This plug allows you fill the drinker from the bottom. The dome has a small green handle which makes it easy to carry when full and also allows the entire drinker to be hung or suspended off the ground.

A chick ring guard is also available for this drinker- which is designed to prevent young birds from falling into the trough and drowning. We also sell a protective ring which fits onto the dome to prevent the water from being fouled. Both of these parts are easy to fit and remove depending upon your circumstances.

Dimensions: base diameter: 30cm height: 31cm weight: 750g

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