5ltr Pigeon Drinker (with carrier ring and lock)

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This compact and efficient new drinker is designed to be used with pigeons. The semi transparent blue dome is easy to unscrew- and it can be simply filled from a tap until full. While holding the dome upside down- simply re-screw the base and lock it back into position- turn the entire drinker back onto its base- and water will flow in to fill the internal troughs.

The dome's transparency will allow you to check the water levels without having to touch the drinker- and the lockable mechanism will prevent any spillages or water wastage. Pigeons will find it easy to drink from the simple trough portals- and the sloping roof and covers will prevent the water from being soiled or spoiled.

The plastic has been finished with a glossy sheen that is easy to wipe clean and allows for a very high standard of hygiene. The top of the dome has a ring so that the drinker is easy to carry and it can also be suspended above the ground if needed. This drinker can hold up to 5 litres of water- but we also stock similar products for 3.5 litres and 7 litres.

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