50m Poultry Netting Kit

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This fifty metre netting kit makes a great enclosure for keeping poultry safe from the advances of predatory vermin- and once properly set up- it will create a rectangle of approximately sixty feet by forty feet. Made from long lasting green polyprop- the mesh has smaller holes at the bottom than at the top to provide extra protection- and with an overall height of around one hundred and ten centimetres- you can rest assured that your birds will be safe inside. Simple to set up- the fifty metre netting kit comes with fifteen specially designed poles which should be installed every three metres- and four pegs and guy strings to add extra support at the corners. Your fifty metre net is provided with the important "warning" sign- which is required to draw attention to all electric fences. It is simple to connect the net to a power source- and Solway Feeders supplies a range of suitable energisers which are compatible with this kit. We also have a variety of spares and supplemetary items. Dimensions: 1.10m high x 50m long approx SPECIAL OFFER UNTIL 30TH APRIL 2020 15% OFF LIST PRICE. PRICE ALREADY ADJUSTED.

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