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5Ltr Pure Aniseed Oil


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Working with a specialist raw material supplier- we have a pure aniseed oil concentrate refined in a slightly different manner to produce a more subtle- less harsh- aroma. This we believe is more attractive and will hold more birds to the required feeding areas. You will notice that the colour of the liquid is slightly darker & more viscous. It still has a strong but more subtle aroma and sweeter flavour. For the best results- ease of handling and economy of use- we have found the best way to use this product is to apply directly to the feeders- barrels or hoppers using a sponge or piece of cloth. Just wipe the inside with the cloth before initial filling and again before each top up. Leave the sponge/cloth in the top of the feeder as well.

Mix  100ml of aniseed oil with 1 litre of vegetable oil  to 1 tonne of wheat for best results. Mix well with the wheat before filling the feeders. (it can be quite a messy job). You can also use the above methods if you are feeding with our Solway Automatic or Solway Mobile feeders. During cooler weather- temperatures below 10 degrees celsius- this product may wax or solidify- this is normal for pure aniseed concentrate. Just gently warm the bottle up to room temperature and it is ready for use again- shake well

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