The guard is available for the WM2E and BEC 75 Hanging drinkers, select size from the drop down box

The new Biomaster Guard, is a unique idea preventing contamination of the drinking system through dust, dirt and faeces.

Clean, fresh water is the best way of avoiding bacteria build up in drinking water, the Biomaster guard prevents birds from roosting on the drinkers and fouling the water trough.

The guard can also help stop water evaporation, helping to reduce dilution of any additives.

 Diameter    BEC 75 version approx 34cms        WM2E version approx 45cms


1. Unscrew the drinker valve assembly from the drinker (bell).

 2. Dismantle the drinker valve assembly by undoing  the small knurled nut at the bottom of the stem

 3. Then place the Biomaster Guard over the collar and reassemble with the Biomaster Guard resting on the top of the collar.

 4. Reattach the valve to the drinker bell and adjust the valve system to the correct water level required.

 5. There is an extension collar supplied with the Biomaster Guard to fit under the Biomaster Guard, this can be used with larger birds.


1. With some older drinker units it may be necessary to re-tension the main spring to allow for the added weight of the guard. This is done by slightly stretching the spring.

 2. To ensure your drinker hangs level i.e. that the water is of equal depth on all sides in the bell, it is important that the rubber tubing is fed through the tube grip on the hanging cord.


Product codes: 1409A, 1412A


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