Cleverly designed drinker can be used either as a floor standing drinker or hanging drinker. The conical connector allows the drinker to be used with either 6mm or 10mm bore tubing.

Suitable for up to 50 hens or pheasants.

Low pressure water inlet only. cannot be used with mains water supply.

Bell diameter 38cms. Overall Height inc valve assembly 50cms  approx.


 The ballast container can be filled, or part filled with sand or water or left empty.  Place the lid on the container and screw the black centre rod into the base of the container.

Place the red bell over the centre rod and screw the white hanger on to the black centre rod.

Seat the black flat rubber washer into the hanger recess and fit the coil spring on to the hanger rod.

Pass the valve assembly over the hanger rod and screw the cap on to the bell finger tight only.

Connect to your low pressure water supply using flexible tubing, the water level of your header tank supply should be no more than 1 metre above the height of the drinker.


To adjust the level water in the trough, slacken the red locking nut and adjust the white collar nut up or down till you reach the required level, retighten the red locking nut.

Product code: 1822


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