Weathering Traps

Solway Spring Traps need to be weathered before use to get rid of factory smells and shiny metals

We've been working a line of Solway Spring Traps for stoats and weasels all year, but as the seasons revolve, these predators take on new habits and it's always a good idea to have traps ready to go out to block new paths and trails. New Solway Spring Traps need to be thoroughly weathered before use because the manufacturer supplies them to us in immaculate condition. Shiny galvanised metal can be a deterrent to crafty stoats and weasels, and waxy preservatives can carry oily smells which are decidedly off-putting.

There are a number of different ways of "weathering" traps, and some are more effective than others:

·         The traditional way; bury traps underground for a few weeks so that the shine comes off the metal

·         Some boil their traps in tea for a few hours and allow them to steep overnight in the mixture; turning the glossy silver sheen into a subtle purple tone.

·         Others boil them with a spoonful of baking soda to remove any grease or factory smells followed by boiling them in leaves and bark to darken them

Many upland keepers use the slightly acidic nature of peaty moorland water to eat through the shiny coating, so that after a few weeks in a hill stream, traps look brown and easy to camouflage. It is only natural for customers to want a nice shiny new trap, but unless you're prepared to take the glossy coating off the metal, you'll struggle to get the best from your Spring Trap.