Using Spiral Feeders

Spiral feeders are a unique and effective way for feeding poultry or game birds. Designed with practicality in mind; the spiral feeder is easy to use and install, makes the birds work for their food, reduces waste and keeps pests at bay.

Filling with grain (whole wheat or barley) or standard poultry/gamebird pellets from the container above, the spiral feeder keeps birds active, and out of trouble, by making them work for their feed. Once they see the feed contained within; they will naturally begin to peck the spring to get at it. The feeder looks to get a definitive peck from the bird before it releases any food to the ground beneath for the birds to eat. With this in place, birds are quick to learn how to use the feeder and no feed is left to waste on the ground.

With the birds feeding from the spiral only when they need to; there is little, if any, feed left on the ground unguarded for pests to snap up. Rats, mice, squirrels and even pigeons can all be attracted by the allure of a free meal at the expense of anyone rearing poultry or game. The spiral feeder helps deter pests as the only time feed is on the ground is when birds are around to contest it. When there are no birds about; the feeder is very stable and unyielding to the weak peck of the pigeon or the scratching of a squirrel and out of the reach of mice and rats.

To turn any bucket, barrel or container into a spiral feeding system; the spiral feeder nozzle is ideal. To fit one, simply drill a 5cm hole in the bottom of your chosen container and place the feeder in from above. The plastic washer provided stops the spiral spring falling all the way through. When the feeder is full, the weight of the feed keeps it locked firmly in place. Once attached, place the feeder at the right height for the birds to feed easily and leave them to it.

With its ease of use and inherent benefits; the spiral feeder is great method for feeding both poultry and game birds.