Treadle Feeder: Rat Proof

Keeping rats out of feed left for the birds is an issue that faces anyone rearing poultry. One way of combating them, especially for those rearing chickens or ducks, is by using treadle feeders which are specifically designed to prevent rodents from getting into food. There are two main attributes to these feeders which combine to make them almost impenetrable, as well as being a good substitute for poison and traps where these would risk the health of other animals.

The first is its mechanism which is the centrepiece of the design. This is no mere trough, the treadle feeder requires the chicken or duck to stand on the treadle (hence the name) to open the hatch and gain access to the feed. Rats may try this to get at the feed but it will be to no avail; a rat is too light to activate the feeder. The minimum activation weight for the treadle is 500gs which means it will even prevent feral pigeons and grey squirrels from trying their luck. As the feeder provides the food and contains it; there is no food lying around to attract rats in the first place. Any present may move on to easier feeding grounds or attempt to gain access to the food another way, this is where its second attribute comes in to play.

The galvanised metal design contributes towards the feeder's effectiveness. Rats are notoriously skilled at finding their way into places where they are not welcome. This comes from their natural survivability and their ability to chew through, given enough time, almost anything. The treadle feeder’s galvanised metal construct would take a pack of rats a very long time to chew through. It’s unlikely they would try this for such a small payoff. They may instead look to tip the feeder but this will do them no good either; the treadle feeder is well weighted to stop such an attempt at the food, as well as to avoid it being knocked over by any of the birds.

With rats, and other vermin, losing out on a free meal it is likely they will look for more bountiful feeding grounds. The treadle feeder will not only deter vermin but will also reduce the amount of grain that goes to waste lying on the ground. It is an excellent addition for anyone rearing poultry in sheltered and semi outdoor conditions.

We supply two sizes of treadle feeder; 10Kg rat proof feeder and 20Kg rat proof feeder.