Silkie Cockerel

The new silkie cockerel - keen to get started

Of all poultry breeds, silkies must be some of the hardest to sex. The differences between a cock and a hensilkie only really show themselves in the length of the tail feathers and the enlarged purple/blue comb of the cockerel. Only when you really get to know the breed do you start to spot more subtle differences between the sexes, like the longer whispy feathers which trail down behind the cockerel's head, or the subdued, motherly posture of the hen.

Our new silkie cockerel is still quite young, and he's been living in the shadow of his three year old father until quite recently. As a result, it's not hard to imagine how submissive he is. Hopefully, he'll soon get used to his new flock of hens and he will start to come out of his shell a bit more.